House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services



Here may be a rounded-up list of some best movers and packers providing house shifting services, these are long-distance service providers in Dubai and are ranked by their Google ratings, so anyone can easily pick the best house movers and packers for your next move if you see some house shifting signs. These are the best companies in the service market in Dubai.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services


With its broad range of services, Best Mover has gained the recognition of being one of the simplest best house movers in Dubai. Whether you’re looking to maneuver to a special range in Dubai or getting to move out of the country, Best Mover in Dubai can simplify house shifting services.

Best Mover will ensure to look for your goods and chattels to pack and move them in the most disciplined and secure way. They also offer you home moving insurance in Dubai for both domestic as well as international moves.

When it involves domestic moving, Best Mover also will take hold of the unloading and shifting of your furniture. you’ll also pack up your new home using their services like cleaning, painting, and pest control whenever you see house shifting signs.


Tawheed House Shifting should be your go-to mover, whether you’re shifting heavy furniture or fragile products from your home. These house movers and packers make sure to provide their services across the favored neighborhoods in Dubai, which include Dubai Marina, Mirdif, or Arabian Ranches, and Bur Dubai,.

Their experienced team can assure your items are packed perfectly and safely, and that they also provide luggage boxes, which adds to your convenience.


These are rated as some of the top-rated packers and movers. Budget City Movers provides a very high standard yet cheap home moving services in Dubai. Whether it’s heavy furniture or fragile vases, Budget City makes sure that each one belonging is moved with none loss or damage.

These budget-friendly movers in Dubai also provide their services at any time, so that they are the simplest company to call within the case of any emergency.


Sara Movers in Dubai is another reliable and licensed service provider for all of your transporting or moving needs. it’s quite 15 years of experience, Sara Movers are perfect for moving homes or offices, with an expeditious service of quite 50 vehicles and 250 staff.

Sara Movers also provides easy storage solutions, which may are available handy if you’ve got to hold out the repair or modification works in your new home.


Easytruck is an award-winning storage and house mover established in 2009, based in Dubai. They need a highly skilled team which will carefully transport and pack all of your belongings, from furniture to clothes, wall decors also as appliances.

All trucks are fully covered and well insulated to form sure none of your items are damaged by the warmth. They also utilize ice boxes for the fridge and canopy soft furnishings with durable sheets to move them with no loss or damage.

Once your items are completely moved to your new home, Easytruck’s team of skilled and licensed plumbers, electricians, and workers also will unpack, reassemble, and install all the items. the simplest thing is, they even provide you with a free pizza on the day of your move.


East-West Movers and Packers are well-liked house movers in Dubai, providing services for domestic also as international house shifting across Dubai.

Besides packing, moving, and installation, East-West Movers and Packers also provide additional services like painting and repair. If a customer is trying to find a short-lived space for storing while moving homes, these experienced movers in Dubai can assist you.


If you are searching to find home shifting services based in Dubai QuickServe Relocations may be the best service provider option that will ensure moving homes or offices in Dubai a breeze.

Quick Serve Relocations offers their services for both national and international moves, and even have provided options to rent trucks and space for storing. you’ll also cash in of their painting and clean-up services to form your new house is spick-and-span by the time you progress in!


Whether a private is trying to find an apartment also as villa movers in Dubai, The Box has various packages to match your needs. Meanwhile, they primarily affect storage services, The Box also offers services for national as international house occupation Dubai.

The Box mover also offers affordable, self-move packages, during which you’ll pack your items as you wish, while they transport your belongings in a safe and timely manner.


They have ten years of professional experience. Allied Home Movers is one of the foremost popular picks for home movers and packers based in Dubai.

They provide comprehensive packaging, transportation, and installation services, Allied Home Movers can assist your move, allowing you to specialize in other vital matters.


You can make your home move easily by taking services of E-Movers’ best-provided services. E-Movers is one of the simplest options for you once you are getting to move homes locally or internationally.

E-Movers may be a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), which suggests they will not only provide you with moving out of Dubai but also unpacking and installation of your luggage at your new address.

You can get a free quote from E-Movers by using their website, it’s one of the simplest international movers in Dubai.


It is of the highly preferred movers, TruKKers may be a first-of-its-kind technology-enabled truck aggregator. Also spelled as Trukkers, it’s aptly named because of the ‘Uber of trucks’.

The company started its services in 2016, allowing users to rent the trucks to maneuver their items from one place to another. Today, Trukkers also offers broad packages for home and office occupations in Dubai.

Their skilled packing and installation services and 24/7 service makes them one of the simplest house movers. you’ll also use their user-friendly app to book their amazing moving services.

Besides their local moving services, Trukkers are cheap movers and packers and also focuses on international home moving, offering door-to-door also as door-to-port service for patrons.


Another one among the foremost recommended Dubai movers and packers to seem for is JNT Cargo. They assure the very best standard of home relocation services in Dubai and, internationally. together with the simplest international movers in Dubai, they will also provide the relocation of vehicles and other heavy instruments.

JNT Cargo Dubai also gives you a tracking Id so you can track the progress of your services and shipment.


Royal Movers is one of the simplest choices for packing and moving companies based in Dubai. As they’re based in Dubai, they supply house shifting services across every emirate.

These home movers also specialized in transporting large musical instruments like pianos, ensuring that it reaches safely to the new home.


MR Move prioritizes excellent customer service, it’s one among the highest house movers in Dubai, taking care of all of your moving requirements from start to end. This Dubai mover takes care of the whole moving process from packing to installation, they need a team of skilled and professional crew who can pack, store and reassemble all heavy and fragile stuff in your new home.

They are also listed together as budget movers and packers within the list of international movers and packers in Dubai, assisting customers with storage and customs.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting servicesThe following moving tips which will help you avoid house shifting problems easily

  1. Pack an overnighter containing all the essentials.

There are some changes, you will be too tired to unpack your things and all the house shifting problems that you are facing. you’ll be wanting your essentials within quick access, including a change of garments if you are going back to figure out the subsequent day also as all of your toiletries. It is also an excellent thanks to transporting a laptop, which could run the danger of getting stolen during a move.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services

  1. Pack the things you’ll need FIRST in a clear plastic bin.

This includes items like a box cutter, paper tissues, trash bags, eating utensils, power strips, phone chargers, select cookware, toilet tissue, tools, etc. The clear bin allows you to ascertain inside; it also separates itself from the myriad of cardboard boxes.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services

  1. Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save lots of bubble wrap.

Two birds, one stone: You’re packing your clothes and kitchenware at an equivalent time.

  1. For your convenience, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks. 
  2. Additionally to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well.

When you reach your new home, unpack BY ROOM. The unpacking process will feel more manageable.

And remember to label the edges of the boxes, not the tops. This way, you will be ready to identify them albeit they’re stacked.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services

  1. If you’ll, show up to your new home before the move and pre-clean the toilet and kitchen.

Put up a replacement curtain liner and stock some new bath towels and toilet tissue, as well. you’ll be wanting to require a hot shower after an extended day of moving.

  1. Place a further cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to remain them from breaking.

This is an excellent tip for traveling generally.

  1. Cover the openings of your toiletries with cling film, then put the tops back on.

This will keep your toiletries from breaking and leaking everywhere your stuff during the move.

  1. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to interrupt.
  2. Keep drawers secure by covering them with any Seal.

It’ll also make moving the particular dresser far more manageable. 

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services

  1. A Seal is additionally great for keeping jewelry displays intact.
  2. Buy a roll of stretch wrap.

It works like any seal but on a much bigger scale. you will organize items together, and it will protect your furniture from getting damaged and scratched.

  1. Keep handy plastic bags for holding any small items of your stuff you need to take with you, like mounted flat-screen TVs or curtain rods.

Tape the sandwich bags to the rear of the item they correspond to.

You can use this method with the wires for your electronics.

  1. Beer boxes are the simplest for books because they need handles on the edges.

So make certain to hit up your local package store.

  1. Take a picture of how your electronics are connected so you can easily remember how and where all the switches go.
  2. hamper on boxes by making all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases work for you.

Pack them with stuff. Utilize the wheeled suitcases for heavy stuff just like books.

  1. The fastest method for packing a closet:

This also keeps your clothes on their hangers and helps in much swift unpacking.

  1. Vacuum seals your out-of-season clothing.

Not only will they take up less space and be a breeze to pack, but they’re going to go directly into storage within the new home.

  1. Along with food and beverages, give your friends who assist you move first dibs on anything you have planned to sell or donate.

It’s just an additional perk since you will not be paying them.

  1. confirm everything is packed before your friends show up to assist you in progress.

Don’t be that horrible one that makes everyone wait around/help you pack.

Another note: If you’ve got enough friends, split them up into shifts — one set to assist you to progress within the morning, and another to assist you to progress once you get to your new home.

  1. Enlist the color-coding system.

Pick a code for every room and label that room’s boxes accordingly. Mark the door of each room with the help of sticker/tape so that movers know where to keep the boxes.

  1. It doesn’t hurt to number your boxes.

Make an in-depth corresponding list of what is in each box by number. This makes it easier to form sure you did not forget any boxes or, someone stole one. AND, if there’s anything expensive in there, you will not be broadcasting it to the planet by writing it down right there on the box.

  1. If you’ve got tons of fragile valuables, hiring movers as against asking friends can find yourself paying for itself.

Many movers accompany insurance, which suggests if something breaks, they need to compensate you. you would possibly want to weigh the pros and cons though — they will not want to be liable for television that may not properly be packed in its original box and will find yourself charging you upward of $150 to pack it as they see fit.

Also, remember to book them weeks beforehand — you are not the sole person trying to urge out of your space on the Judgment Day of the month.

  1. If you are doing hire movers, make certain to read the fine print and determine if they need any weird rules.

For example, some companies will only move things in boxes, and not garbage bags. which suggests you will be paying them extra charges for unnecessary boxes at a marked-up price.

  1. If you’re renting, take photos of your cleaned-out old home and your new home before occupation.

This is essential if you ever hope to urge your deposit back. it’ll prevent major problems with difficult landlords who charge extra fees for cleaning and repairing unnecessarily when moving out.

  1. Always fill the nail holes in your previous home with the help of soap.
  2. If you’re doing a cross-country move and you do not need your stuff immediately, consider shipping via Greyhound.

It’s a cheap shipping option for giant items. Just remember to pack your stuff rather well — your boxes WILL get a touch beat up along the way.

  1. Change your address a minimum of a fortnight before moving.

This might sound sort of a no-brainer for important things like utilities and cable, but do not forget the tiny stuff. You’ve also got Amazon, PayPal, credit cards, your bank, magazine subscriptions, and your mail to stress about.

  1. If you own items that you simply want to urge obviate but are too valuable to only divulge, start selling on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist a minimum of six weeks before moving.

It’s a simple thanks to causing you to desire you are not procrastinating, and you would possibly be ready to make enough of a refund to buy the whole process itself.

But it takes time for things to sell on Etsy and eBay, so you’ll be wanting to plan accordingly.

  1. Arrange for a charity organization to return devour the things you do not want a minimum of every week or two before moving.

It’ll prevent the difficulty of getting to require it there yourself.

  1. Make your last grocery trip a fortnight before moving.

The more food you finish up using before moving, the less you will have to throw out.

  1. For same-city moves, hire a sitter for the youngsters and pets.

The last item you would like is to be worrying about losing track of your kids or pets on this stressful day.

  1. Remember to defrost your refrigerator a minimum of each day before moving and mop up any liquid.

Else you are going to possess a stinky, wet mess once you get to your new home.

House Shifting Dubai: Providing house shifting services


Whether you are planning to shift within the same emirate, in the UAE, from one emirate to another or you are moving out of the UAE, looking for the right mover can make all the difference between making the move a stress-free experience to one facing many issues and anxiety.


What are the services provided by moving companies in Dubai?

Moving services are not charging a very high cost of services. They have highly skilled staff for shifting Furniture, business valuables, and fragile things with the best services.

Do these mover companies also provide packing services?

It is true! Most of these companies offer packing and are ready to help you with any type of project. They also have experienced organizers available to help with the shifting, sorting, and organizing.


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