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Top 10 International Movers and Packers in Dubai International Moving

Moving to a replacement country is often a stressful experience. Every year we help thousands of individuals find good and experienced international movers. To undertake to form your move as stress-free and easy as possible, we have summed up an updated list of the simplest international movers in Dubai supported customer reviews collected on Service Market. If you’re trying to find a reliable international mover, then this list may be a good place to start! The Top 10 International Movers and Packers Companies in Dubai:

Looking at all customer reviews, also because of the number of 5/5 ratings each company received, we were ready to shortlist the subsequent 10 international movers and packers companies in Dubai, because of the top international moving companies. The following list of international movers and packers in Dubai.

  1. Service Market:

Moving to a replacement place and ranging from scratch comes with its hurdles. New job, new place, new people… Any quiet assistance during this process should be welcomed openly. So, hiring an honest international mover is pertinent during this point as you do not want a further headache by choosing the incorrect one. Service Market ensures to offer you the top and best moving companies in Dubai on one platform so that you’ll choose your mover easily.

  1. DXI Logistics:

DXI is proud of itself for being transformed as one of the top-rated moving companies within the Middle East and GCC Region. Supported by its own offices and associates in both local as well as international regions, DXI Logistics employs a team of execs that follow up and follow through on each and each transaction.

  1. Interem:

Interem may be a FAIM ISO Certified mover. Their regional offices have expanded to incorporate Kuwait, Qatar, and major cities in India. Their vision is to supply exceptional service, using advanced technology and solutions tailored to every customer to form their move simple and stress-free.

  1. ISS Worldwide Movers

 With the requirements of its clients in sharp focus, ISS continues to be a pacesetter in international moving. it’s been with Service Market for an extended time and has been consistently highly-rated by its customers.

  1. Leader Relocations:

Leader Relocations, a Canadian owned and managed company, maybe a fully licensed and insured mover exclusively within the service of moving household goods and private belongings. Since its establishment in 1991, Leader has shortlisted itself into one of the UAE’s top moving companies with various industry awards under its belt.

  1. Fusion Shipping:

Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics may be a fast-growing international moving service provider offering complete mobility solutions to people everywhere on the planet.

  1. Unibon Shipping LLC:

Unibon Shipping LLC is one of the foremost reputed shipping companies in Dubai with experience in helping people move everywhere on the planet. 8. Bridgeway Relocations: One of the oldest moving companies in Dubai, Bridgeway Relocations has experienced staff working hard to supply quality services to the clients.

  1.   Trans On Movers:

With spectacular customer service, Trans On Movers keeps the client in the loop throughout the moving process so that there’s no miscommunication and therefore the moving process is completed smoothly.

  1. The writer Relocations: It has been active since 1953 and its head office is based in Mumbai, India, Writer Relocations’ global footprint spans across India, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Singapore. The moving team at Writer Relocations aims to make sure the whole moving process is handled with care and efficiency. If you’re trying to find an honest international mover with licensed professionals focused on making your move easier, hire the simplest moving companies in Dubai on the Service Market now! One can make his move easier and stress-free with our handy moving checklist. If a person is planning to move internationally, then simply fill and submit an invitation on Service Market to urge the simplest quotes from these international moving and packing companies.

The perks of packers and movers from Dubai to India

International movers from Dubai to India working for a long time, India had been pigeonholed as ‘a pure traditional country that has an eclectic mixture of cultures and religions’ While there’s nothing wrong with that but India’s growing economy was never the focus of any conversation or article about the country. However, things have changed over the last few decades and particularly within the 2010s. India’s swiftly developing an ever-expanding economy has now become the most discussed matter in the outside world. And for this very reason, India has become a highly lucrative destination for people from across the world. Besides, a large number of people planning to move out of the country looking for better employment opportunities, there has been a fast increase in the number of people occupied to India for such reasons; and this includes both International and Indian ex-pats. In particular, there has been a gentle flow of individuals shifting from Dubai to India. Dubai’s extremely high, and often unaffordable cost of living, coupled with India’s booming job market and favorable entrepreneurial environment, have attracted Indian ex-pats and coerced many of them to move back to the country.

India’s promise as a land of entrepreneurial opportunities has also encouraged Emirati citizens outside of Dubai to maneuver to India. People from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, ‘Aiman’, Fujairah, etc. have expanded their business to India or have found a replacement one within the country. Many Sharjah movers companies are working in Dubai. The motivation for them to move to India is pretty high also, and quite almost like those for locals of Dubai. A decade or two ago, most businessmen from these areas had more or less only one option if they wanted to maneuver to a different city for better job opportunities or business expansion – Dubai. But now, with all the perks that relocation to India offers, they need a choice at their disposal, and arguably a far better and cheaper one. And it should come as no surprise to anyone that a variety of them are exploring this feature or have a minimum of warmed up to the thought.

In recent years, the UAE government has launched a program referred to as ‘Emiratisation’. This program is aimed at reducing unemployment among UAE citizens. This has put huge pressure on international movers from Dubai to Indian companies to reduce employment opportunities for International workers. Almost half of UAE’s total population is formed from ex-pats. The Emiratisation program has made it difficult for them to continue working within the UAE and has vastly reduced the number of employment opportunities for brand spanking new migrants also. This has forced many foreign nationals currently working within the UAE to look towards other countries for permanent jobs, and India is that the destination most of them have focused their gaze towards.

UAE – Regarded as a center of attraction for Indian workers

Even while Emiratisation has made it difficult for ex-pats to seek out jobs within the UAE, the country continues to be a highly wanted place for entrepreneurs and investors. If you’re a far off national who wants to start a business within the UAE, the government would grant you a 3-year investment visa, as long as you pay a deposit of AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 to prove that you simply have enough funds to form the supposed investment and sustain a business. An advantage of getting an investor visa is that you simply wouldn’t be susceptible to pay the tax within the UAE. Writer Relocations offers prompt and trustworthy service for all of your visa and immigration necessities within the UAE and far from major countries of the world.

Most ex-pats, Indian or otherwise, like to sleep in Dubai among all the 7 cities of the UAE. It is the foremost liberal city within the country and features a host of tourist attractions and a buzzing nightlife, both of which magnetize the young ex-pat community. Indians would feel reception in Dubai as there’s an outsized Indian ex-pat population during this city. The easy availability of an investor visa, the prospect of living a lavish lifestyle, an abundance of quality educational institutes, and therefore the presence of a thriving Indian community, together make shifting to Dubai from India a really attractive idea for ambitious Indian citizens.

Enjoy a hassle-free relocation with the simplest mover in Dubai

As the top-rated mover and packer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other cities of the UAE, we provide a variety of home moving services to our customers to provide them with a secure and stress-free move to India. We have offered a high standard of service delivery throughout the sixty years of our existence and we are hence rated by our clients and peers as one of the top movers and packers in UAE. as your relocation partners, we don’t just provide you with home moving services. We take responsibility for designing and executing each process that’s involved relocation and providing an answer to each challenge that you simply may face.

Best Movers in Abu Dhabi

Translocating is always a stressful and stressful task that no one likes, but it is not anymore! There is a vast collection of moving and packing companies in Abu Dhabi that do it in an arranged and professional manner. 

  1. The GI Movers
  2. The Affordable Movers
  3. The Expert Movers and Packers
  4. The Badar Movers
  5. The First Removalists
  6. The Delight International Movers
  7. The Movonics
  8. The Discount Movers
  9. The Furniture Relocators
  10. The AGS Movers Abu Dhabi   

Delight International Movers

The Delight International Movers is known as one of the best international movers in Abu Dhabi. The company has been working in this field since 1989, working in many countries worldwide with different circumstances efficiently. 

The company includes trained and efficient staff ensuring you top standard service and excellent customer experience. Delight International Movers is a part of IAM (International Association of Movers) that is an international association for transporters and movers. 

Moreover, the company has achieved international certifications ensuring you a hassle-free relocating service. 


Abu Dhabi.


Delight International Movers can do it for you efficiently, whatever you want to translocate, move, or pack. 

  • Vehicle storage services
  • Packing boxes services
  • Short-term and long-term storage services


Cadogan Tate

This company was established in 1977 and focuses on standard and premium removals. They claim to handle everything with care and safety.

Their moving services are offered to both local individuals and company customers of all sizes whether for home or office relocations. For international moves, they specialize in their Move Management service.

They will come up with a thorough plan that supports your budget criteria and requirements. From there they’re going to handle almost everything including:

  • Packing
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Extended liability

They can even help with:

  • Moving fine wine
  • Shipping cars
  • Relocating Pets

Popular destinations include France, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and thus the USA.

Fox Moving & Storage

Fox Moving & Storage claims to conduct their business during shows that show full care for the environment, their workers, and most importantly, their customers. They also pledge to provide a secure and favorable working environment which may not only benefit their staff but also their clients.

In terms of international moves they offer:

  • Personal international removals agent
  • Comprehensive quotation, moving schedule, and timescale
  • Expert packing team
  • Provides customs and excise documentation
  • Local agents available to help at the country of destination
  • They are also Atlas Van Lines agent within the United Kingdom

Do they even have an incredible rating of 4.8 out of 5 on both Which? Trusted Traders and Feefo. Plus, you’ll read more reviews on their website.

Harrow Green

Harrow Green could also be a specialist in business relocations. For international moves, they need offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Croydon, Glasgow, Leeds, London, and Manchester.

For international relocations they supply the next services:

  • International storage which includes secure storage and inventory management.
  • Transportation services that offer road, airline, and/or shipping lines.
  • Relocation management dedicated move manager to assist you throughout the transportation process.
  • Destination services also include home searches, school searches, pet relocation, maid services as well as currency services.
  • Packing services both packing your belongings for your move but also unpacking and shifting them at the other end.
  • Insurance services including a spread of complete transit insurance options to make sure your items are fully covered.

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Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe relocations were originally founded in Hong Kong in 1980 and now have offices in 6 continents around the world with their global head office in London and another UK movers office in Aberdeen. These are movers in the UK.

Santa Fe aims to be a one-stop-shop when it involves moving overseas. They and their partners offer all of the next services:

  • European and international moving services
  • Shipping services including door-to-door delivery
  • Online Move Estimate
  • Visa and immigration help
  • Excess baggage
  • Services for school kids including mini moves and student accommodation
  • Storage
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Android and iPhone apps to assist you before, during, and after your move

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Movecorp is located within the West Midlands and provides its customers with essential international removals services. They claim to be the UK’s top trusted international removal and packer company.

They can help with moves to and from the UK to most European destinations and thus the subsequent international ones:

  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • China
  • Dubai


If you are settled in Abu Dhabi and thinking about moving to another house in the emirate or another country, you can just ask one of those mover companies in Abu Dhabi. They provide services locally as well as internationally. These shortlisted companies are the best movers in Abu Dhabi that will make things less stressful and hassle-free while relocating!


Q: What are the top three movers and packers in Abu Dhabi?

  1. The GI Movers
  2. The Affordable Movers
  3. The Expert Movers and Packers

Q: What are services provided by the movers and packers companies?

  • Packing
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Extended liability